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Birmingham Foster Care Services


We provide pre & post approval foster carer training for our carers in Birmingham, West Midlands


Our Birmingham foster carer support service offers all the support you'll need


We offer our Birmingham based fostering families a competitive allowance for foster care.


Supervision with your social worker right at your home in Birmingham


We hold periodic information and training events across Birmingham, West Midlands

Fostering Panel

The independent fostering panel is made up of professionals from within the West Midlands.

Key Numbers

Quick statistics about Wholistic Fostering


We launched in 2013 but we've been in fostering since the last millenium.


We cover and serve families across Birmingham, West Midlands


Our carers in Birmingham regularly let us know that they are very happy with us


Proudly rated 'Good' overall by Ofsted in 2019 under the new Social care common inspection framework.

It's all about outcomes

We offer a culturally sensitive, child focussed, outcomes centred service led by the vision of a former foster child.

The Enquiry Process in Birmingham



The first step is to make that initial call - Sometimes potentially awesome foster carers don't contact us in the first place because they think that for some reason they wouldn't be considered. There are a couple of things that can prevent you but generally, most people with space to foster will be able to.



Once it's clear you will be able to meet the core criteria our Birmingham Social Worker will arrange to visit you at your home in the Birmingham, West Midlands area. If you both agree to go ahead they'll ask you to fill in our fostering application form. (Completing an application form is a requirement for anyone wishing to foster in the Birmingham, West Midlands area).



Well, you've filled in your application and you're ready to go. Immediately upon completing the application form, you'll be contacted by text to ask you for a suitable date and time to begin stage 1 of your fostering application.

Fostering in Birmingham

We can state with full responsibility that our fostering services are among the best in Birmingham, West Midlands. Our carers and their families experience the rewards of the fostering experience and discover a new level of purpose in their lives. Our social workers begin working for carers upon approval to and begin searching through the scores of referrals we receive daily, filtering them down to a matched set of potential placements from the most suitable local authorities across the region any beyond, including Birmingham, West Midlands, the countries largest local authority. We provide highly suitable matches based on the discussions during the application process, criteria is defined based on solid practices and years of experience. Each referral we receive which can run into hundreds of referrals from across the UK on a monthly basis. For any of those who are in need of fostering agencies services in Birmingham, West Midlands, we deliver first-class child focussed results, backed up by the flawless reputation of our agencies name. The phrase Wholistic Fostering differs marginally from traditional fostering in that it represents for the unique, bigger picture approach we take in all our work – refined over the last 12 years, benefitting from the clear what a powerful insight of our founder and former foster child. Nowadays, in our view, fostering and foster care have become commodities and corporatised more and more, we're working to represent the traditional family feel - a smaller, closer local fostering agency can do things in a way that just feels warmer and happier. If you're thinking of fostering with a fostering agency in Birmingham, West Midlands then you only need travel to Tipton to find our offices.

Fostering - What is it?

The short version - Fostering or Foster Care is a way to provide a family life for any children or young people who, for a variety of reasons, are unable to continue living with their own family. This will often be triggered by a representative of state, like a local authority social worker, making a determination that a child or young person, are living in or at a serious risk of living in an abusive or neglectful situation.

Fostering - Who benefits?

The circumstances surrounding a fostering placement are rarely ideal. By virtue of the fact a child or young person is 'being fostered', this leads one to the immediate and often accurate assumption that something has gone wrong. It can be traumatic and will, of course often be emotional for any child or young person, in some cases even traumatic. The very act of removal of a child from his/her parents predictably, is traumatic. With this said, it wouldn't be taking places if serious concerns were not being validated and it can be easy to view the whole scenario as a negative, this will often be a young person's instinctive reaction however, at Wholistic - we want to illustrate some of the benefits the fostering system provides. There are benefits that can be achieved - here are a few

Benefits to fostered children and young people

Benefits to foster carers

Benefits to fostered children and young people

Best Fostering Agency Birmingham, West Midlands - Foster Care

Being the leading fostering agency in Birmingham, West Midlands for culturally sensitive fostering, we have been working with numerous organisations. To increase your placement success, we implement a wholistic view of care plan strategies and teach techniques that are all well tested in practice and proven to be efficient. Consequently, although it isn't guaranteed that your placement will be without challenges, over time the goal of preparing a child or young person for independence, stability and where it is in the interest of the child or young person, a planned transition. Best Fostering Agency Birmingham, West Midlands recruit only the most passionate and dedicated people that really know and understand their role and purpose in fostering – they will use all the best foster care strategies and methods to help you support any child or young person to achieve positive outcomes in the short and long term, with the whole process being balanced with you, your family and of course, each and every child or young person's individual needs, wishes and feelings.

Fostering Agency Birmingham, West Midlands - What we do

We are known to be one of the best fostering agencies in the country, and as such we deliver first-class results and the most successful placements for our families and their children. Not only do we offer our teams unwavering commitment and dedication to your success, but we also use our self-developed in-house tools that back up all the well-known foster care techniques we implement. Importantly, with our fostering services we're able to gain benefits for both children and young people and foster carers. The range of foster care techniques we use allow us to get the placement working for all.


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